I have written or been the main contributor to different documents and utilities that have been published under the BMC Software logo.
These include :
  • Architecture and performance guidelines for BMC Event Manager and BMC Service Impact Manager (this book comes with the offical product documentation for BEM/SIM - Check on the BMC Software support site).
  • Service Modeling white papers (only the version 1 seems to be on the public www, but there is a version 2 you should be able to obtain from BMC directly)
  • A technical white paper on the Tivoli Enterprise Console to BMC Event Manager migration
  • Perl-based utilities to import/export service models created directly (i.e. without using CMDB) in the cell.
  • A perl-based script to generate image files (.gif, others) from SIM service models
  • Flash-based technical tutorials on BMC Event and Impact Management (check them out by logging in to the BMC Developer Network)